Our Services

3D asset visualization with cutting-edge technologies

We integrate asset management with graphical layers

Visualation Service

Easily convert your text-based assets to realistic continiously updated 3D models with user friendly API using only your web browser

Implementation Service

We combine our never ending development with agile methodologies to achieve absolute progress based on your needs

Cloud Service

Lay behind and leave it to our experienced maintenance team to handle your hosting and online storage

Professional Design

Instead of working with out dated user interfaces, TowerGL approachs UI/UX design with user friendly material design

State-of-Art Fixed Asset Management

Fully configurable workflow platform with collaborative fixed asset life cycle management

Innovative Solutions

We share our years of experience in web technologies and telecom industry with creative and innovative solutions

What is Tower GL?

Tower GL is user friendly 3D assisted fixed asset management solution for telecom and tower companies. We are aiming easy and visual site management which means you can easily check your sites just by looking its realistic model. With our 3D modeling technology you can also have smart reports like basic static analysis or maximum available rectangular spaces on your sites.

After modeling your sites you can visualize your dynamic data with web-based globe and map.

Tower GL is easy to use and follows simplicity principles of Google and Apple. But if you need a little help, you can use our online trainings or can get lessons from our experienced training team. In a rush? Use in application chat tool to ask questions to experts instantly.

What can you do with Tower GL?

Tower GL comes with smart tools which helps you manage your assets in 2D (text based), 3D (visualized) and even 4D (3D with time layer).

2D managing service provides smart analytics easy reports and more.

3D managing service provides site sharing with real time data. Tower GL is web based so you do not need additional application for your 3D needs. Only thing necessary is a trusted web browser. You do not need to share your data after updating your sites. Our cloud system provides fast and easy centralized data sharing and data collabration.

4D managing service provides time included analysis. You can observe your sites transformation in time.

Assets Tool

Easy access to your assets. Assets tool is here to make your asset management easier not similar to anything before. Fully visualized assets will allow you to completely utilize your control over your site portfolio. Any change on your assets can be tracked by Projects tool and you do not need to guess which model, what type and where your assets are anymore.

Sites Tool

Anything you would like from a Graphical Information System, you can have it with Sites tool. Sites tool combines 1-and-1 3D models of your sites with a powerful GIS engine.

Workflows, Co-los, Documents, Projects and more...

Workflow mangement, document management, tenancy ratio tracking, utilization alaysis... Numerious tools within Tower GL will help you to get things done quickly. All developed from the needs of the industry and only will get better.









Experience Now

Want your assets managed with our latest and modern 3D web based system and do not know where to start? Contact with our training team and get an online demo access key and start using it with our sample data. If you want to test with your own data we can implement a special access, just for you.

Contact Us

For an online demo to visualize your assets please contact us. Our training team will happily help you.

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